During the civil war many resources were needed. The south and north each had their own key resources that were crucial to their survival. Here are some examples.


In most the union where much more sufficient with Such as population. Out of 100 people about 70 of them were in the union. Meaning the union population was almost 3/4 of the total U.S population.

In manufactures goods meaning items made in factories, the union again was the successor with 9/10 of the production. 

One of the things they were about even in were exports Even thou


gh the union produced much more they both exported about 50-50. Though another victory goes to the union for the amount of Marchand ships owned. Out of 10 ships from the U.S 9 of them were owned by the union. 

Back in this time rail roads were a very fast transportation. Out of 100 miles of railroad track about 70 were owned by union. This makes sense though since the union had a much larger territory. 

A good source of cheap food at the time was bread which was made from grain. The grain production was won by the union at 7/10. Grain was also grown in farms. At the time out of 10 farms 7 were owned by the union and 3 by the confederacy.

One very strong building material is iron. They used it to build ironclads and other weapons. In the iron industry about 95% was produced by the union meaning they had more iron to produce bigger and better weapons.

Lastly in banking the union won their victory. 80% of banking was done in the union. 


In conclusion the union was dominant in almost all resources, but for what they had they fought extremely hard.

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